Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Black Art Single Box

Vinyl 7' Rips From Reedit Black Art Label.

[Black Art 01 A] The Upsetters - Enter The Dragon
[Black Art 01 B] The Upsetters - Black Belt Jones
[Black Art 02 A] Lee Perry - White Belly Rat
[Black Art 02 B] Jah Lloyd - White Belly Rat
[Black Art 03 A] Junior Byles - Fever
[Black Art 03 B] King Medious [Milton Henry] - This World
[Black Art 04 A] The Mystic - Forward With Jah Orthodox
[Black Art 04 B] The Upsetters - Orthodox Dub
[Black Art 05 A] Devon Iron - When Jah Come
[Black Art 05 B] The Upsetters - Iron Dub
[Black Art 06 A] Bunny & Ricky - Freedom Fighter
[Black Art 06 B] The Upsetters - Iron Wolf
[Black Art 07 A] Augustus Pablo - Hot & Cold Version 1
[Black Art 07 B] Pablo & Jah T - Lick The Pipe Peter
[Black Art 08 A] Junior Byles - The Long Way
[Black Art 08 B] The Upsetters - All The Way
[Black Art 09 A] Peter & Paul Lewis - Ethiopian Land
[Black Art 09 B] The Upsetters - Dub Land
[Black Art 10 A] Danny Hensworth - Mr. Money Man
[Black Art 10 B] The Upsetters - Money Dub
[Black Art 11 A] Junior Ainsworth - Thanks & Praise
[Black Art 11 B] The Upsetters - Thanks & Dub
[Black Art 12 A] Dillinger - Middle East Rock
[Black Art 12 B] Prince Django - Hot Tip
[Black Art 13 A] Lee & Junior - Dreader Locks
[Black Art 13 B] The Upsetters - Militant Rock
[Black Art 14 A] Max Romeo - One Step Forward
[Black Art 14 B] The Upsetters - One Step Dub
[Black Art 15 A] Junior Delgado - Sons Of Slave
[Black Art 15 B] The Upsetters - Sons Of Dub
[Black Art 16 A] The Heptones - Mistry Babylon
[Black Art 16 B] The Upsetters - Mistry Dub
[Black Art 17 A] Sons Of light - Land Of Love
[Black Art 17 B] The Upsetters - Land Of Dub
[Black Art 18 A] The Black Notes - African Style
[Black Art 18 B] The Upsetters - African Dub
[Black Art 19 A] The Silvertones - Rejoice Jah Jah Children
[Black Art 19 B] The Upsetters - Rejoicing Skank
[Black Art 20 A] Augustus Pablo - Vibrate On
[Black Art 20 B] The Upsetters - Dub Vibration
[Black Art 21 A] Brent Dowe - Down Here In Babylon
[Black Art 21 B] The Upsetters - If The Cap Fits
[Black Art 22 A] Lee Perry - Bathroom Skank
[Black Art 22 B] The Upsetters - Washroom Skank
[Black Art 23 A] Jah Lion - Columbia Collie
[Black Art 23 B] Jah Lion - Wisdom
[Black Art 24 A] Carlton Jackson - History
[Black Art 24 B] The Upsetters - Old Dub
[Black Art 25 A] U-Roy & Upsetters - Dreamland & Version
[Black Art 25 B] Big Youth - Moving On
[Black Art 27 A] The Hurricanes - You Can Run
[Black Art 27 B] The Upsetters - You Can Dub
[Black Art 28 A] The Gladiators - Time
[Black Art 28 B] The Upsetters - Dub In Time
[Black Art 29 A] Juks Dread & Big Youth - 23rd Psalm
[Black Art 29 B] The Upsetters - 23rd Dub
[Black Art 30 A] Augustus Pablo & Lloyd Young - Our Man Flint
[Black Art 30 B] The Groovers - Pi-A-Ring

Enjoy !!!


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