Saturday, December 8, 2007

FM Radio feature on Lee 'Scratch' Perry 2002 "I Am The Fire" Part 4/4

FM Radio feature on Lee 'Scratch' Perry
2002 "I Am The Fire".

Playlist:Part4/4 The Black Ark & Solo

This is Part4 of the four part series! This program looks at latter part of The Black Ark period of Perry's career & his solo work.

01 John Public - Errol Walker (Custom Mix)
02 Norman The Gambler - Max Romeo/Jah Lion
03 DJ
04 Commercial
05 DJ
06 Dreadlocks In Moonlight - Lee Perry
07 Jah Jah Natty Dread
08 Interview
09 Some Many Times - The Magisterians
10 Disco Devil - Full Experience/Lee Perry
11 DJ
12 Holy Moses - Lee Perry & The Majestics
13 You Thought I Was Dead - Lee Perry
14 Ten Commandments - Lee Perry
15 Outro

Enjoy !!!

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