Saturday, December 8, 2007

FM Radio feature on Lee 'Scratch' Perry 2002 "I Am The Fire" Part3/4

FM Radio feature on Lee 'Scratch' Perry
"I Am The Fire"

Playlist Part 3 : The Black Ark

Part3 looks at the early to middle period of The Black Ark years.

01 Intro
02 Zion's Blood - Lee Perry (Custm Mix)
03 DJ
04 Talk About It - The Diamonds
05 Yakamai - U-Roy
06 Redder Than Red - Linval Thompson (1975)
07 The Wicked Will Run - Brent Dow (The Melodians)
08 DJ
09 Commercial
10 Commercial
11 DJ
12 Sipple Out Deh - Max Romeo (Original Mix)
13 Rasta Get Radio - Jr.Murvin
14 Babylon Falling - The Heptones (Custom Mix)
15 History - Carlton Jackson (Custom Mix)
16 Interview
17 Vampire - Devin Irons/Dr.Alimantado
18 DJ
19 Children Crying - The Congos (1977)
20 Crying Wolf - Ras Kidus-I

Enjoy !!!

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