Thursday, December 20, 2007

Smokey Room - Vol.1/7

Smokey Room Vol.1

01 Upsetters - Big Cockey Dub
02 Roots - Look Around
03 Ronnie Davis - You Are The Fool
04 Upsetters - Dub It Off
05 Ronnie Davis - Laugh It Off
06 Roots - Pious Skanking
07 Zap Pow - River
08 Roots - Solja Man Skank
09 Zap Pow - River Stone
10 Sons Of Brave - What a Situation
11 Fay Bennet - Big Cockey Wally
12 Danny Clarke And The Meditations - Running from Jamaica
13 Sons Of Brave - Fighting for Survival
14 Roots - Mash Down
15 Upsetters - Foolish Dub
16 Sons Of Brave - Confusion Skank
17 Roots - Solja Man Dub
18 Roots - Praise To Jah
19 Sons Of Brave - Quiet Skanking
20 Double D All Stars - Running Dub

Enjoy !!!


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lord haw haw said...

this is great work that you are doing, such obscure music and well presented. many thanks and have a good holiday.

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cabeloooo said...

Great Sound ...

Nice Work

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credit where credit is due...
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