Saturday, December 22, 2007

Smokey Room - Vol.6/7

Lee Perry - Smokey Room Vol 6

01 Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Bafflin Smoke Signal
02 Errol Walker - Better Future
03 Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Captive
04 Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Different Experience
05 Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Dub Cap
06 Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Future Dub
07 Keith Texon - Living My Life
08 Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Oh Me Oh Dub
09 Bree Daniel - Oh Me Oh My
10 Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Shepherd's Road
11 Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Voodoo Dub
12 Lloyd and Devon - Wolf Out Deh

Enjoy !!!


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T@nsing At The Control said...



RamoDread said...

Jah know mi love yu blog... so much diversity and unusual rare music of so many different genre... but mi love yu reggae selections the most... for obvious reasons.. lol

Bless up and all the best with your blog... & thanx for the downloads!

Singnals3 said...

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Anonymous said...

file deleted. Sux cuz I have the rest of the discs. But disc 5 and 6 got removed.

Anonymous said...

credit where credit is due...
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