Friday, December 14, 2007

D.I.P Presents The Upsetter - 1975 - Vinyl

Earlier Lee Perry productions (1973-75).

(Out Of Print Lp)
LP: D.I.P. DLP5026

01. Enter The Dragon - The Upsetters
02. I Don't Mind - Sam Carty
03. Cane River Rock - The Upsetters
04. I Man Free - King Burnett
05. Jamaican Theme - The Upsetters
06. Time - The Upsetters
07. Jump It - Leo Graham
08. Life Is A Flower - Sam Carty
09. Have Some Fun - The Gaylads
10. Nature Man - The Gaylads
11. Dub A Pum Pum - The Silvertones
12. Kung Fu Man - Linval Spencer

Enjoy !!!

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T@nsing At The Control said...


T@nsing At The Control said...


Mick Sleeper said...

Can you please stop stealing text from my Lee Perry website? I don't want my name to be associated with music pirates.

Mick Sleeper

Anonymous said...

great titles shut up mick he is sharing good music any ways there no re edicion for this a very rare stuff
just yealust friend thanks

chiefgroove said...

Nothing in life belong to us!Ride on my man and don't hear anything!

sensibank said...

Thank you t@nsing nice one again!!
mick sleeper you are pathetic little wanker and an example that inbreeding can really f*** people up!

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